Episode 107 – Foreign Policy Begins at Home | Conversation with Maleeha Lodhi

Uzair talks to Maleeha Lodhi about Pakistan’s foreign policy and the repercussions of the regime change conspiracy theory.

Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi most recently served as Pakistan’s Representative to the United Nations. Previously, she served as Pakistan’s envoy to the Court of St James’ and twice as its ambassador to the United States.


0:00 Introduction

1:20 Was there a conspiracy against Khan?

8:30 Will the conspiracy theory hurt Pakistan’s foreign policy?

10:30 Where do relations with America go from here?

14:30 Pakistan-Saudi relations

20:30 Pakistan-China relations

25:50 Are there shared interests between America and Pakistan?

31:20 Pakistan’s stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

36:20 Risks facing Pakistan

42:30 Conclusion