Episode 119 – Is This The End of Pakistan’s Startup Boom?

There has been a flurry of negative news regarding Pakistan’s startup ecosystem, with the collapse of Airlift being the biggest story of them all.

In this episode, Uzair talks to Ali Farid Khwaja about what led to this collapse, whether this is the end of the boom, and how entrepreneurs and investors should navigate this cycle.

Ali Farid Khwaja is Chairman of KTrade Security and has over a decade of experience in the technology and financial sectors.


0:00 Introduction

1:30 What happened to Airlift?

3:50 Lessons learned from this

9:30 Outlook for next 18 months

14:30 What happens next to build for future

18:20 Celebrating failure as a society

22:00 Call for accountability

26:20 How should investors do due diligence

30:45 Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

38:00 Conclusion