Episode 41 – The Potential of LNG in Pakistan

Pakistan is about to experience another winter of gas shortages. Meanwhile, the LNG sector continues to cause confusion among citizens, with baseless claims of corruption and backroom dealings sowing doubt among many in Pakistan.

In this episode, Uzair Younus talks to Laure Baynes Clarke about the LNG sector, how it operates, and its potential in Pakistan.

Laure is a General Manager and part of Shell’s global leadership team that manages its global LNG portfolio. She comes with a wealth of experience in the business, in trading and origination for LNG, she has led teams that have bought and sold LNG, managed arbitrations, price reviews and supported companies and countries across multiple geographies that have looked to develop their capabilities to bring in LNG. As part of her current role she is responsible for the LNG Trading strategy.

Interestingly, she has a long history with Pakistan, having been moved there as an infant, she did her schooling in Karachi and has had the opportunity as an adult to work in Pakistan and visit often with personal and work commitments.

Note: Please listen to the full conversation in the video below.