Episode 43 – A Volatile 2020: India’s Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the global economy on its knees, leading to mass unemployment and a dramatic slowdown in economic activity. The Indian economy, which was already showing signs of weakness before the pandemic, has now entered a recession.

At the same time, concerns over India’s illiberal turn, its refusal to enter trade agreements, and poor implementation of flagship programs have led some to argue that India is missing a once in a century opportunity.

Uzair Younus spoke to Aman Thakker about these developments, asking his guest about why Narendra Modi’s BJP continues to be the dominant force in politics despite the economic woes.

Aman Thakker is an Adjunct Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He writes a weekly newsletter called Indialogue, which is a must-read for anyone interested in following political, economic, and foreign policy developments in India.

Note: Please listen to the full conversation in the video below.