Episode 55 – Sustaining Pakistan’s Economic Growth

This is episode is in Urdu so that a wider audience can understand why Pakistan’s economy cannot maintain high rates of growth over long periods of time. To understand the reasons for this, Uzair spoke to Dr. Sajid Amin Javed, who is a Research Fellow and heads Policy Solutions Lab at Sustainable Development Policy Institute [SDPI] Pakistan.

Prior to joining to SPDI, he was Senior Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at Department of Economics, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE). Dr. Sajid’s research is located at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary inquiry of issues related to structure of economic growth and sustainable development. This entails a focus on monetary policy, particularly exchange rate and financial policies, and their socioeconomic implications. Largely, he is a macroeconomist with focus on social content in macroeconomic policies.

Reading Recommendations:

– Money Interest and Prices by Don Patinkin

– The Political Economy of Underdevelopment by S. B. D. de Silva

– Human Actions by Ludwig von Mises