Episode 57 – Sehat Kahani

Bringing Telemedicine to Pakistan

Uzair speaks to Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram and Dr. Iffat Zafar Aga, the co-founders of Sehat Kahani. In this discussion we talked about the startup, which has recently raised $1 million in a funding round, its growth strategy, and what it is like to be a female founder of a startup in Pakistan.

Sehat Kahani is an all-female health provider network including that is working to create quality health care solutions for communities where health access, quality, affordability of health care is still a dream, using cost effective ICT enabled solutions. Sehat Kahani has impacted over 1.5 million people globally with its telemedicine platform.

Dr. Iffat Zafar is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer for Sehat Kahani, a telemedicine startup based in Pakistan. She did her medicine from Ziauddin Medical University and currently. She is a Commonwealth scholar for her ongoing Masters in Global E-Health from University of Edinburgh. She is the MIT Elevate Prize Winner (2020), She is also the GCC Innovator (2020) for her work in telemedicine with the support of GCC. She was recently featured by Microsoft4Africa 2020 for the women led success stories in South Asia. She has been a winner of the GSMA Accelerator (2018-19), & a Good Fund Fellow 2017-18.

Dr.Sara Saeed Khurram has over 5 years of experience in the field of Digital health care as the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sehat Kahani. She has won notable awards such as the Rolex Awards 2019 as Ass. Laureate, TIAW Award, CRDF Global Awards, Ashoka Change makers, ISIF Asia, The Unilever Sustainable living Young Entrepreneurs Awards, The Unicef- Global Goal Campaigner Award 2016 and Arpatech Young Entrepreneurs Award 2017 for her work. She is also a Cartier Awards finalist and the first frontier Innovator from Pakistan.

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