Episode 59 – The Economic Impact of COVID-19

Discussion with Maha Rehman

Uzair talks to Maha Rehman about what the data tells us regarding the economic toll of the pandemic on Pakistani households. Maha is a Data Analytics Expert with almost a decade of experience in designing and executing evidence-based programs, products and policies to improve service delivery and impact.

Previously, she has set up the Analytics Wing at CERP that focused on embedding data in the decisions and operations of private and public sector companies to increase efficiency, impact and profit. Prior to this, she has led research experiments at CERP and at the World Bank in the fields of education, public finance and governance.

She has designed curriculum and taught policymakers, bureaucrats and data practitioners at various programs in the USA and Pakistan. Besides using data analytics for policy and program reform, her research interests include energy economics, education and law & governance. She also teaches at LUMS and currently a Director Data-Led Policy Reforms at MHRC.

You can read the article detailed Maha’s findings here – https://mhrc.lums.edu.pk/pakistan-dia…

Reading Recommendations:

  • The Practice of Adaptive Leadership by Ronald A. Heifitz
  • Nudge by Richard H. Thaler
  • Learning from Others by Syed Babar Ali