Episode 79 – Disrupting Agriculture in Pakistan

Conversation with Tazah Technologies

Uzair talks to the co-founders of Tazah Technologies, a startup in the agriculture space that recently raised $2 million in pre-seed round. The B2B marketplace is based in Lahore and is seeking to disrupt the country’s agriculture sector, which represents 24 percent of GDP.

Abrar is part of the famous “Careem Mafia”, where he led operations for and executed the financial and operational turnaround for the business despite the pandemic. In his last engagement as General Manager at Swvl, Abrar helped build a strong team and developed the post covid recovery strategy for bus hailing business.

Mohsin joined Careem in 2017 as an Operations Manager where his first engagement entailed launching and scaling Ricksha category, the category now contributes to over 10% of revenue for the organisation. Mohsin’s role grew from leading a single category to managing Lahore’s P&L and eventually managing P&L for the entire Ride hailing business for Pakistan.

Reading recommendations:

  • Zero to One by Peter Thiel
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Sapiens by Yuval Noah Hariri


  • 04:30 What is Tazah’s offering?
  • 10:45 Is the market ready for disruption?
  • 14:10 What challenges is Tazah facing?
  • 18:00 Quality control in agriculture
  • 25:20 Product and market expansion plans
  • 35:30 What is the policy environment like?
  • 38:10 What does it take to thrive at a startup?
  • 47:00 Book recommendations