Episode 81 – What Ails the Judicial System

Uzair talks to Abdul Moiz Jaferii, a lawyer and host of a popular TV show on Samaa, about the legal system in Pakistan, what ails it, and why is it that justice for elites is different than justice for less privileged segments of society. This episode also covers the impact of the lawyers’ movement and ways in which the judicial system in the country can be improved.

Abdul Moiz Jaferii tweets at @Jaferii

Reading Recommendations:

  • Crossed Swords and The Battle for Pakistan by Shuja Nawaz
  • A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif


1:00 Why does it take forever to resolve cases?

12:50 Regularizing elite v. non-elite property

22:00 How to make the judicial system fairer?

25:00 What happened to the lawyers’ movement?

29:30 The coming social reckoning

33:15 Impact of cases like Reko Diq on economy

37:20 Reading recommendations