Episode 91 – Reforming Agriculture: Learning From Our History

Uzair talks to Ovais Zuberi, founder of Shazday Foods, about Pakistan’s agriculture sector, why it is in a state of perpetual crisis, and how we can learn from the rich agricultural history of this region to reform the sector. The conversation also touches on important market access and development reforms that are needed, including farm-to-market infrastructure in the country.


0:00 Introduction

3:38 Why is there a fertilizer shortage?

15:00 The perpetual crisis in agriculture

22:10 History of foods in the subcontinent

32:38 Reliance on imported foods

39:18 Issues in the livestock sector

44:30 Why are roads necessary for agriculture?

50:55 History of markets and agricultural taxes

1:00:00 Water security and dams

1:11:00 Important changes required