Episode 93 – The Left’s Economic Vision

In this Urdu discussion, Uzair talks to historian, activist, and author Ammar Ali Jan about the Left’s assessment of Pakistan’s economy, the State Bank autonomy bill, and the types of reforms he would like to see in Pakistan’s economy.

Ammar is author of the book Rule by Fear: Eight Theses on Authoritarianism in Pakistan, which is a must-read.

Reading Recommendation:

23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang

Capitalism’s Crisis Deepens by Richard D. Wolff

China’s Revolutions in the Modern World by Rebecca E. Karl

Violent Fraternity by Shruti Kapila


0:00 Introduction

1:00 What ails the economy?

17:45 Does the left want nationalization?

30:40 The SBP autonomy bill

54:30 Changing the economic trajectory

1:05:00 Conclusion and reading recommendations