Episode 95 – Volatility in Energy Markets

Uzair talks to Randy Bell about ongoing volatility in the energy markets, how countries like Saudi Arabia are preparing for the future, and ways in which energy importing countries like Pakistan should develop long-term strategies that enhance their energy security.

Randy Bell is the senior director of the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center (GEC), where he oversees the center’s research and programs in Washington and elsewhere, including the annual Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum in Abu Dhabi. He also serves as the co-director of the Atlantic Council’s Task Force on US Nuclear Energy Leadership and is the Richard Morningstar chair for global energy security.

Reading Recommendations:

Sculpting in Time by Andrei Tarkovsky

The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations by Daniel Yergin

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen


0:00 Introduction

1:28 What’s going on in energy markets?

6:24 US shale and its impact on energy prices

9:45 Outlook for oil prices

13:54 Innovation, renewable energy, and climate change

19:02 Should we expect continuous volatility?

22:35 How are countries like Saudi Arabia preparing for the future?

28:42 Strategies for energy importers

33:23 Exciting innovations

37:35 Key near-term risks

40:45 Reading recommendations