Episode 105 – The Rise, Fall, & Possible Return of Imran Khan

A lot has happened in Pakistan over the last few weeks, with Imran Khan’s government first creating a constitutional crisis and then losing power in a dramatic late-night vote in the National Assembly.

But what does this mean for Pakistan’s flawed and floundering democracy? And how should we view this moment in time from a historical perspective?

In this episode, Uzair Younus talks to Dr. Ilhan Niaz, Head of the Department of History at the Quaid-e-Azam University, about the impact of ongoing events on Pakistan’s political economy.


0:00 Introduction

2:00 Why did Khan lose power?

6:45 Where do we go from here?

10:00 The PTI’s strategy

17:20 How does the military react?

21:00 The judiciary’s role

32:30 Will the military learn the right lessons?

40:30 Is this a political awakening in Pakistan?

46:50 Risks of institutional fracture

51:30 More volatility ahead

59:30 Reforming amidst political chaos