Tabadlab Policy Roundtable 03 – Covid-19, Peace and Afghanistan

Hosted ByMosharraf Zaidi

The Covid-19 crisis has devastated public health systems and economies in even the most advanced countries in the world. In particular, the Coronavirus has caused untold damage to the American economy. Concurrently, the Taliban and the Afghan government have not been able to make the progress on peace talks that the Americans would have liked. The fight for the Afghan presidency has left many with a bitter taste. To top all of this off, Afghanistan must deal with Covid-19. How will all this affect the lives of ordinary Afghans, especially the poorest and most vulnerable?

In this edition of the Tabadlab Policy Roundtable, we speak to experts and practitioners that have lived in, loved and/or worked on Afghanistan in a range of capacities.

Joining us are:

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