Tabadlab Policy Roundtable 09 with CPG – Repurposing Data & Discourse for Public Health with COVID

Hosted ByMosharraf Zaidi

The Covid-19 pandemic is a jarring reminder of the growing inadequacy of the 19th and 20th-century governance systems that are tasked with protecting and serving the people. As the authorities reopen the economy, and Pakistan approaches peak infection rates, the policy discourse should begin to look at the near term challenges of mitigating the public health damage, and the post-COVID-19 scenario. What lessons should be drawn from this pandemic? What are the specific pain points that define and shape Pakistan’s governance system with respect to data and public health? How can reductive, personality-driven debates be replaced with data and evidence-driven positions? Tabadlab, in collaboration with Corporate Pakistan Group (CPG), bring you a panel of speakers with diverse experiences and expertise: *

  • Dr Samia Altaf, Public Health Physician
  • Syed Veqar ul Islam, CEO Jaffer Business Systems
  • Dr Mishal Khan, Epidemiologist, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Senator Dr Musadik Malik
  • Navid Qazi, Senior Executive, CISCO

Moderated by: Mosharraf Zaidi, Senior Fellow, Tabadlab

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