Tabadlab Policy Roundtable 06 – Federalism in Pakistan & the 18th Amendment

The debate on appropriate COVID-19 response between the provincial and Federal governments in Pakistan quickly morphed into one questioning the wisdom of the 18th Amendment – the constitutional provision that provides provinces semi-autonomous powers under the Federation. Does a global pandemic of the scale of COVID-19 necessitate more centralized authority? In the latest Tabadlab Policy Roundtable, our discussion looks back at the spirit and need of the 18th Amendment, and measures its efficacy from different angles.
  • Dr. Arfana Mallah, Professor, University of Sindh
  • Dr. Miftah Ismail, Former Federal Minister for Finance, Government of Pakistan
  • Rafiullah Kakar, Director, Planning and Development Department, Government of Balochistan
  • Salman Akram Raja, Lawyer and Constitutional Expert
  • Tariq Khosa, Director, National Initiative against Organized Crime (NIOC) Former Federal Secretary and IG Police

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